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pdfbooks.hindihearts.in is being prepared in the form of a platform where Hindi books (which are already available on the internet, can be found somewhere or other) could be brought to one place.

We believe that knowledge is power and, and we look for freely available educational contents online and put them in one place, for you, for free.

Here we are collecting links for popular Hindi books of several categories and charms- society, novels, arts, culture, history, politics, religion, poetry, science, drama, biography etc.

It is our top priority to provide the visitors with maximum user satisfaction and the most user-friendly access to this huge collection of books. Each and every download link you find here is a direct download link or one-click download link. Even, we do not ask users to perform a sign-up or login.

The platform is kept completely free from pop-ups, malwares & other infected stuff for your fine experience and improved level of privacy.

We want to make it clear here completely that we have not scanned these books available on our platform nor have we tried to upload them. All the materials available on this site is collected from various OpenSource platforms. The internet itself like a huge sea where we have been getting many precious diamonds and pearls in the form of books.

All such books can be purchased according to their wishes, so we have also provided links (or search option) to purchase them from amazon along with many books.

Even after all this, if a writer has any disorder or objection to being on this platform of any of his/her books, then they can contact us by visiting contact us page or DMCA page on this website. We will remove that book from our site in the next two business working days.

Thank you!